Sniper Vs. Tank

A Sniper is more effective than a tank.


Forward Edge prides itself on limiting our portfolio to ensure the service experience is one that is unparalleled in this market.

Brands have a choice; a Sniper is more effective than a tank.

Forward Edge puts the goals of the manufacturers in terms that the exchange can embrace to achieve the goal of both. Provides cross functional knowledge to bridge the communication barriers between exchange directorates and moving through industry bottlenecks. 

It’s not about making the sale today it’s about sustaining the sale and building the brand within the exchanges.  Right place, Right time knowing how to capitalize on opportunities by means of contacts and relationships.

Forward Edge is a trusted source of information, relationships at the retail and executive level, integrity of brand and marketplace insight, ownership of brand dialog to deliver a clear message to the retail environment to maximize best brand practices throughout all channels of business.

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